Recommended Reference Books for Merced County/California History 

  1. Beck, Warren & Haase, Ynez. Historical Atlas of California. University of Oklahoma Press. 1974.
  2. Cabezut-Ortiz, Delores. Merced County: The Golden Harvest. Windsor Publications, Northridge, CA. 1987.
  3. **Carson, Pat. Gustine: Gem of the Valley. 1990.
  4. Clark, George W. History of Merced County. County Schools Office, Merced, CA. 1979.
  5. Donley, Michael, et al. Atlas of California. Pacific Book Center, Culver City, CA. 1979.
  6. Elliott and Moore. History of Merced County, California with Illustrations. Reprint by California History Books, Fresno. 1974. Originally Published 1881.
  7. Guinn, Jim. History of San Joaquin Valley. Chapman Publishing Co. Chicago. 1905.
  8. **Johnson, et al. The Great Central Valley: California’s Heartland. University of California Press. 1993.
  9. **Kirby, Robert E. Early Mine, the Summer of 1928: An American Family History 1634 to 1928. Gateway Press. Baltimore. 1996.
  10. **Lapp, Rudolph M. Blacks in Gold Rush California. Yale University Press, New Haven. 1977.
  11. **Lavender, David. California: Land of New Beginnings. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln. 1972.
  12. **Lewis Publishing Company. A Memorial and Biographical History of the Counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa, California.Originally Published 1892. Reprint 1980, for McHenry Museum of Art & History, Modesto by Pioneer Publishing Company.
  13. **Mayfield, Thomas Jefferson. Indian Summer: Traditional Life Among the Chionumne Indians of California’s San Joaquin Valley. Heydays Books, Berkeley. 1993.
  14. **McDevitt, Ray. Editor. Courthouses of California: An Illustrated History. Heydays Books, Berkeley. 2001.
  15. **Merced County Business Directory, 1884-85. Reprinted by Merced County Historical Society. 1989.
  16. Outcalt, John. History of Merced County, California with a Biographical Review of the Leading Men & Women of the County who Have Been Identified With Its Growth & Development From the Early Days to the Present. Historic Record Co., Los Angeles. 1925.
  17. **Preston, Brenda. Andrew Davidson Firebaugh & Susan Burgess Firebaugh: California Pioneers. Rio Del Mar Press. 1995.
  18. Radcliffe, Corwin. History of Merced County. A. H. Cawston, Publisher, Merced. 1940.
  19. **Robinson, W. W. Land in California: The Story of Mission Lands, Ranchos, Squatters, Mining Claims, Railroad Grants, Land Script, Homesteads. University of California Press, Berkeley. 1948. Reprint 1979.
  20. **Santos, Bob. Azoreans to California: A History of Migration and Settlement. Alley-Cass Publications. 1995.
  21. Smith, Wallace. Garden of the Sun. Max Hardison Publishing, Fresno. 1939.
  22. **Wing, Kathleen Kong & Greenlee, Carolyn Wing. Inside the Oy Quong Laundry. Earthen Vessel Productions, Inc. 1995.
  23. **Wing, Thomas W. & Greenlee, Carolyn Wing. Son of South Mountain & Dust. Earthen Vessel Productions, Inc. 1999.
  24. **Lim, Sarah. Greetings from Fountain City: Historic Postcards of Merced. Merced County Historical Society, Merced, CA. 2002.
  25. **Sawyer, Charles.The Road Over: Central Point - Old Los Banos Pacheco Pass. Milliken Historical Society, Los Banos, CA. 2001.
  26. **Sawyer, Charles.One Man Show: Henry Miller in the San Joaquin. Milliken Historical Society, Los Banos, CA. 2003.
  27. **Bare, Colleen Stanley.Pioneer Genius: Charles Henry Huffman. Merced County Historical Society, Merced, CA 2003.
Some of these books are available in reference sections of Merced County Public Library in Merced. The library is located at 2100 O Street, Merced, CA 95340.

** these books are available in the museum’s bookstore. 
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