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Jan. 1 – Feb. 19: Land and Water: The Building of an Ag Empire
As a culmination of irrigation, settlement, and tractor dealership exhibits, this show provides a contemporary look at Merced County as an agricultural empire through the lens of Merced Camera Club, focusing on the interconnection of land, people, and water. In addition to the Camera Club photos, you can read some excerpts from The Wisdom of Merced County Farmers and other literary works.

Feb. 5: Merced County Historical Society Annual Meeting
The general membership meeting will be held this Sunday at the Merced County Board of Supervisors' Chamber at 2:00 p.m. At the meeting, the past president will be honored, incoming board members will be installed, and awards and grants will be presented. This year's keynote speakers are Charlie Galatro and Dan Nelson, whose presentation is about the life of Cattle King Henry Miller.

March 9 - May 21: Remember 1973?
Do you remember the late Dr. Jeffrey Lee opened his first practice 50 years ago? How about the grand opening of the Wine Cellar on Main Street? Or the construction of the County Administration Building? Or Atwater's Falcon Band marching in front of Schönbrunn Palace in Austria? Featuring photos from the 1973 Merced Sun-Star, this exhibit is a special treat down memory lane.

April 22: 26th Annual Tea Party in the Courtroom
On this Saturday, a traditional tea party will be held in the historic Superior Courtroom. "Sweet Land of Liber_TEA" is the theme, so please feel free to wear red, white, and blue. Tickets are available in March.

June 1 – Sept. 24: The Courthouse Park Neighborhood Exhibit & Book Signing
The Courthouse Park Neighborhood is rich in history; however, its homes often don't get as much attention as the ones in the Old Town neighborhood. Based on Wayne Eisenhart's newest book, this exhibit brings to life the people who lived in this understated neighborhood and the homes that endure change and witness progress.

Sept. 12: 32nd Annual Bill Kirby’s Western BBQ and Auction
Come join our biggest event of the year. On this Tuesday, we will be serving delicious food, auctioning one-of-a-kind items, and selling wonderful desserts. Tickets are available in July.

Oct. 12 - Feb. 18, 2024: 150 Years Later: Old Betsy’s Legacy Continued
Picking up where we left off at the 2010 exhibit, this exhibit celebrates the sesquicentennial of the Merced City Fire Department by presenting the entire 150 years of history in a concise timeline. The fire department's story is intertwined with the story of Merced as it is the oldest city government agency.

Oct. 24: Sixth Annual Conference of Merced County Historical Societies
This conference aims to bring together historical societies in Merced County to share ideas about historical preservation, documentation, and presentation. As a countywide organization, one of our goals is to support other local historical societies as they grow and thrive.

Dec. 3: 39th Annual Christmas at the Courthouse Open House
On this Sunday, an annual open house created for and by the community will exhibit over 70 Christmas trees. Join us for trees, treats, music, and traditional Courthouse Eggnog.