The following books are currently available at the Museum Gift Shop, located inside the main entrance of the Courthouse Museum. Members of Merced County Historical Society will receive a 10% discount.

Greetings from Fountain City: Historic Postcards of Merced by Sarah Lim ($16.95)

Recently released by the Merced County Historical Society, this 78 page book was compiled by Sarah Lim with contributions from the archives of local collectors. It captures the spirit of Merced in more than 120 postcard images from the late 19th century to the 1960s. This wonderful history book of Merced is also available signed.

The Road Over: Central Point - Old Los Banos Pacheco Pass by Charles Sawyer ($15.95)

Recently released by the Milliken Museum, The Road Over details the history of the Pacheco Pass, from its earliest use as a Yokut Indian trading footpath, to Lt. Gabriel Moraga traversing the coastal range in search of stolen horses in 1805, to its establishment as a toll road by Andrew Firebaugh in 1856. Pacheco Pass opened up the Central Valley to much trade and helped firmly establish the cattle empire of Henry Miller, as well as providing a route for gold seekers and other settlers. The book also tells the history of many of the Westside communities, including Los Banos. Even better, the copies we have available are autographed by the author!!

Pioneer Genius: Charles Henry Huffman by Colleen Stanley Bare ($14.95)

While Henry Miller was establishing himself as a rancher on the westside, Charles Henry Huffman was building up a wheat-growing empire on the eastern side of the county. As right-of-way man for the Central Pacific Railroad, Huffman helped establish the train stop that put Merced on the map and became the founder of Merced's first national bank. He is also responsible for creating Lake Yosemite and the beginnings of Merced's irrigation systems. This important book details the life of a man almost forgotten in Merced's history, but whose legacy remains all around us!

Birds of Northern California by David Fix, Andy Bezener ($19.95)

For the novice birder, this book is ideal for identifying the birds you encounter. Thumbnail pictures in the front section allow for rapid scanning of various species' prominent features without paging endlessly through the book. The data on each bird in subsequent pages is succinct and interesting to the casual or begining birder.

California Birds by James Kavanagh ($5.95)

A fold-out guide with great color pictures of birds for easy identification.

Birding Northern California by John Kemper ($18.95)

Describes 81 prime birding sites, including directions, site maps, range maps, and information on status and distribution of different species, as well as notes on camping, hazards, and lodging. This is not a field guide for identifying birds, but rather a resource for finding the locations of birds you may want to see.

Above the Treeline by Ann Cooper ($9.95)

This particular book focuses on the wildlife in the alpine tundra and treeline areas of the southern Rocky Mountains. Descriptive language throughout the book tells short stories followed by factual information about the animals in this "harsh and lovely land." The book concludes with an easy-to-understand explanation and diagram of the food chain and questions for children to answer about some of the included maps.

John Muir: My Life with Nature by Joseph Cornell ($8.95)

John Muir's great love for living things gave him a rare understanding of the natural world. This story about his life is written by the author as if from Muir's perspective, with simplified words that are easy to read. Winner of the 2000 ASPCA Henry Bergh Children's Book Award.