Merced City Fire Department History:
"Old Betsy's Legacy"
August 12, 2010 - October 31, 2010

"Old Betsy" was the first fire engine of the Merced City Fire Department. Built in Rhode Island in 1859, it was shipped around Cape Horn and purchased by Merced from Stockton Eureka Engine Company No. 2 in 1874. Having been with the fire department since its inception, "Old Betsy" has witnessed more than a century of changes and challenges. This exhibit is a joint project of the Courthouse Museum and Merced City Fire Department. It will open on August 12 at the Courthouse Museum and run through October 31. During the opening reception at 6 pm, there will be activities including City proclamation, antique fire engines display, activities for kids, ice cream social, and a bucket brigade showdown between the City and County Fire Departments.
Old Betsy Fire Engine
Old Betsy Fire Engine
Merced's First Fire House
Merced's 1st Fire House (1885-1907), 1890s
Merced's Second Fire House
Merced's 2nd Fire House (1907-1952), 1914
Merced's Third Fire House
Merced's 3rd Fire House (1952-1996), 1970-71
Merced's Fourth Fire House
Merced's 4th Fire House (1996-now), 2010