Radio of the Past
July 3, 2008

Radio is a major source of news and entertainment and an important tool of communication. While Internet radio, XM satellite radio, and digital audio broadcasting are the products of the digital age, old school AM and FM radio remains the favorite for many listeners either on the road or in the office. The Merced County Courthouse Museum presents Radio of the Past from July 3 to September 14. This exhibit, featuring Harry Bohl's collection of commercial radios and Rick Albright's ham radio collection, begins with the invention of "Morse Code" in the 1830s and ends with the evolution of Crystal Set down through the 1970s. Also on display is a history of Merced County radio stations from KYOS being one and only in 1936 to one of many in 2008. At the opening reception on Thursday, July 3 from 5 to 7 pm, Harry will show the audience how to put together a homemade radio and Rick will demonstrate how shortwave radio communicates with others around the world via telegraphy.

Atwater KENT Radio KAMB station on 16th and G Streets